No sign yet Fed needs to change balance sheet plans

“All signs suggest reserves remain abundant.”

“Standing repo, conventional repos can address stress quickly.”

These comments failed to trigger a noticeable market reaction. As of writing, the US Dollar Index was down 0.06% on the day at 106.00.


“Reverse repo facility works well, responsive to market conditions.”

Market reaction

“Federal funds rate remains influential in money markets.”

“Fed rate control tools working well amid recent challenges.”

“Fed can still do repos to add liquidity if needed.”

“Money market rates will signal when reserves growing scarce.”

The Federal Reserve (Fed) remains in strong control of short-term rates and there are no signs that the Fed needs to change its balance sheet plans, Roberto Perli, the New York Fed’s head of monetary policy implementation, said on Tuesday, per Reuters.

Key quotes


“Unclear when reserves will grow scarce.”

“Confident Fed can effectively stop balance sheet drawdown smoothly.”